Utraviolet is On Increase in Swimming Pool Treatment

By Cindy
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Chlorine has been the most powerful sanitizer for swimming pools but as more research comes out, scientists are finding that chlorine is causing allergies, asthma, and may even be linked to certain cancers such as bladder cancer. Itchy eys, skin breakouts, and allergies are just some of the issues that chlorine can cause when added to your home spa or pool. Chlorine can also break down pool linings as well as cause pipe corrosion. Being a parent of a swimmer, I have seen the effects of chlorine first hand. Burning eyes and skin breakouts are common among swimmers due to the large amounts of chlorine used in the swimming pools. My blemish-free faced swimmer comes home within days of starting swim practice and her face and back are full of acne. Swim suits don’t fare well either in the harsh chemicals.

Hygrogen Peroxide (more commonly known for bleaching hair), combined with an ultraviolet sterilizer is Diamond Spas answer to ridding pools and spas of the harsh chlorine chemicals. Georgia Tech, Yale University, University of Texas and even Beijing Olympics are just some of the large organizations that are turning to Hydrogen Peroxide and ultraviolet sterilizers to disinfect their swimming pools. There is really no need to use chemicals when there is a more natural, healthier option. Not only are there health benefits to using the peroxide/ultraviolet sterilizer, but there is a cost benefit of not having to buy the chlorine which can add up.

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