Views That Are Worth Sitting For

By Cindy
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We have all seen the trends as of late with the gorgeous custom high end hot tub or the handcrafted copper bath tub that stands alone in front of the floor to ceiling windows with views to die for. You know the ones..Those images that take you away for even a minute. Just when I think I have seen every unique bath with every great view, someone decided that they should also include the commode.. yes, a toilet with a view. Yes, that’s right. You think, geez I wish I could go the bathroom and sit here for hours looking at all the sites. Well that’s what these architects and designers did. They designed a PUBLIC toilet around the beautiful views of their great cities. Some of these toilets have become so popular that they have made it on to travel sites of places you must visit. When we we were in Vienna this summer our tour guide pointed out their famous “Most Beautiful Public Bathroom”. Thank you!

So whenever you are in these cities, by all means take a seat in their toilets with a view.

The toilets here are located on the thirty-fifth floor of the Sofitel, and take in views of State Parliament, the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. On a clear day you can see as far as the Dandenong Ranges.

If you want “the works”, head to the bathrooms at the Daimaru department store in Tokyo. Built with the Mercedes of toilets, Toto, which are all equipped with programmable functions such as heated seats and a bidet that spritzes and dries your backside, all to the soothing sounds of running water.

If you are not a city dweller and prefer to be Au natural we have not left you out..Located in Washington state, in the North Cascades national park, this outdoor toilet could be one of the prettiest and perhaps the coldest of our Top Toilet Picks!

This under the sea bathroom was designed inside a restaurant for a cool $263,000 in Akashi, Japan. The bathroom is surrounded by an aquarium with exotic fish and sea turtles. Warning..Nemo is probably watching.

During the 29 years that Alcatraz held some of the most dangerous people there were 14 attempts to escape from the prison involving 36 inmates. Perhaps the guards used this toilet to good effect to scupper these attempted escapes! This unique toilet has a 360 degree view of San Fransisco Bay!

I have saved the best for last. This glass mirrored toilet located by the River Thames lets visitors use the one-way mirrored glass toilet see out while passers-by cannot peep in. I think the idea is hilarious but honestly I think I would have stage fright!

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