Water features: The Benefits of Water without Having a Pool.

By Cindy
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There are any number of reasons to decide on a custom water feature rather than a pool for your home or outdoor space.  Either choice gives you the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil exposure to water that so many of us crave. Some spaces just can’t accommodate a pool nor does everyone want a full pool as part of their design.


So maybe you aren’t big into swimming, or live in a climate that makes having a year-round pool feasible, but still want to add to your home or outdoor space. Water features allow you to create a space that not only looks more extravagant but provides some amazing health benefits. Looking at, and listening to water puts our brains into a relaxed state, allowing us to process thoughts in a different way than normal. Scientist have found that being around water has a positive effect on our brains. This has to do with the calming effect of having a break from over-stimulation. When we are relaxed, our brains lead us to be more open to creative and inspired thoughts.

Smaller yards and indoor areas that are not built with the intent of housing a pool still have the option of accommodating a water feature or fountain. By custom designing a piece that not only fits the area but the esthetic as well, you have the potential to elevate the look and feel of any area. Water features are not just for the home either. You can make an office or event space unique and visually more interesting by adding the stunning attribute of water to the atmosphere. Additionally, water features and fountains can be much easier to maintain in regards to cleaning, repairs, and regular maintenance.


Don’t get us wrong, water features and fountains don’t have be small. They are still a great option to fill a large space outdoors or in. Custom designed pieces can be made in grand scale and made to be a part of a pool as well. No one said you had to have one or the other. Go big, heck go really big. We can custom design a piece that combines a pool or spa with a visually interesting water feature or water fall to satisfy your wildest design dreams!

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