Water Noise

By Cindy
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2012 was a big year to be out doors, especially in an outdoor living spaces. These living spaces have now climbed the charts topping out as the largest home improvement project. Research has shown that if you add a outdoor living space to your home, you can expect to see a 50-70% return on your investment. Outdoor spaces are becoming an extension of the home which include many luxuries you would find indoors.

One of those luxuries that are popular in outdoor living spaces is a home water feature. Water features add a big bang to the landscape design without the huge costs. Another possible reason for the upward trend in water features is auditory benefits. The sounds of water falling can help drown out noise from neighbors, traffic noise, and barking dogs. Depending on the noise level of your surroundings, you can customize the water feature to allow more or less water to fall. Sounds from water falling has been proven to be beneficial to our health aiding in such things as reducing anxiety, aiding in sleep and de-stressing.

Can’t beat that.. Beautiful to look at and good for you!

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