We’ve Got You Covered

By Cindy
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When it comes to maintaining your custom hot tub and /or swimming pool, it is not only the cleaning and monthly maintenance you need to keep on top of but also keeping it covered when it’s not in use is just as vital. No matter what region of the world you live in, polutants, debris and even animals can get inside when it is not covered.

Not only do hot tub and pool covers keep dirt from getting into your swimming pool and hot tub, but it also helps controls heat loss. When buying your hot tub or pool cover, make sure it includes these 5 important things.

A Good Fit: No matter the shape or size, you can get a custom size hot tub cover to fit exactlly to your hot tub. The cover should fit like a gove without any gaps or spaces.

Locking Straps: Covers can come loose and if not placed on properly will leave exposed areas on the tub. With locking straps you are guaranteed that the spa cover is on tight and will not come loose with high winds or bad placement.

Flaps that Cover: Skirts, flanges or flaps is what they may be called but these must extend down the outer hot tub walls to ensure that nothing gets inside and there is no place for heat loss.

Tapered: If you have owned a spa cover in the past you may have had the dreaded waterlogged hot tub cover. This is usually due to water pooling on the cover because there is no way for the water to “run off” Having a taper in place allows the cover to naturally drain and dry out between snow and rain storms.

Qualtiy Material: When purchasing a cover you want to make sure you are buying the best quality materials and that includes UV resistant vinyls, double stitching and high quality foams.

Don’t skimp on the cover. A cheap cover will not onlyl look bad quickly over time but it will be a nuisance to take off too. 



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