What Christmas is All About

By Cindy
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Oh the simpler times. I know for me the annual showing of Charlie Brown’s Christmas show was something we would wait around for as we didn’t have DVR’s or even VCR’s yet! It still conjures up sweet memories of how sweet and innocent this show was and the times we were together with our families watching a cartoon about a silly dog his owner and the misfit of friends that all played important parts to the show.. As I watch this video I am reminded that there were some good messages in those shows and many times as a child it was lost on me. A tree doesn’t make Christmas, and kindness can change someones life. I love how sweet Linus gives his speech about the meaning of Christmas. Interesting..take a look at what Linus does with that security blanket during his speech? I never noticed that gesture before but I do believe there was special intent there.

As Christmas is just days away, we here at Diamond Spas wish you sweet times with your families and friends, kindness to one another and no matter what you receive its the thought behind it that counts!

Merry Christmas!


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