What Does it Take to Build a Rooftop Pool? Key Factors and Considerations

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Building a rooftop pool is no small task, but the rewards are worth it. Having a beautiful view and a pool where you can rest and relax is worth every penny. Still, there are a number of key factors and considerations you need to bear in mind before you can move towards owning your very own rooftop pool.

  1. Get Proper Permission & Permits from Local Authorities

To begin the construction of a rooftop pool, you will first need to talk to local authorities to find out if you can even get the proper permission and permits for the project.

  1. Check with Your Homeowner’s Insurance to Get Coverage for Leaks & Damage

Before installing a rooftop pool, you should contact your home insurance company to make sure that you can get protection from potential leaks and damage. The risk of this can be reduced by using a waterproof membrane and drain under your pool or spa.

  1. Meet with A Contractor to See If the Building Requires Structural Reinforcement

 Chances are that your home or building will need structural reinforcement before building a rooftop pool. Even if you install a smaller pool, it’s likely that you will need to reinforce the structure of the building, so you will need to work with an engineer and other specialists to determine how much load your structure can take and reinforce it accordingly.

  1.  Decide on Size and Design

 The size of your rooftop will impact the design options available for your rooftop pool. Not only will you need to ensure the pool will fit your rooftop space, you also need to consider how much patio space you want around the pool, what objects, such as furniture or décor, you would like around the pool, and how many people you would like to fit around the pool.

 Interested in A Rooftop Pool?

 These some of the things you should keep in mind before your project begins. In some cases, you may find that an inground swimming pool or custom spa is a better option for you. Whatever your idea, we can help turn your vision into a reality. At Diamond Spas, we specialize in rooftop pools and spas, and can help you design the rooftop pool you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re ready to take the next steps, contact us online for more information.

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