What is a Corner Tub & Why You’ll Want One

By Cindy
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What is a corner tub? Corner tubs are functional, beautiful, and smart, because they are bathtubs made to fit into corners, freeing up more floor space in your bathroom. A corner tub provides you with a playful geometric twist to your bathroom floor plan. These tubs use a limited amount of space while still providing the bather with an exceptional soaking experience. Corner baths are fabricated with a flat bottom design comfortable for two occupants. These unique baths also play double for a shower. By installing glass panels or shower curtains, you can create a showering area with modern charisma. Simply put, corner baths are fashionably clever.



A corner tub can make the most of your bathroom’s square footage by tucking an attractive bathtub for two into an underused corner. Available corner bathtub designs encompass a wide variety of shapes including rectangular, hourglass, trapezoid, or oval shaped interior basins. The beauty of a corner tub from Diamond Spas is its versatility. Our designers can craft your corner tub with backrests for two, comfortable armrests, and a deck area or ledge for pre-soak seating or setting out candles or toiletries. How you take advantage of your corner tub is up to you; take a leisurely soak on a quiet weekend, pamper yourself with customized therapeutic jets, a waterfall or other unique water features, sit back and enjoy a personalized sound system, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, or all the above. Soak alone or invite a friend. Spend just a few minutes enjoying the healing atmosphere of a corner soaking tub or relax and forget the clock altogether.

Corner top down

A Diamond Spas specialist stands ready to assist you with your specialty bath ideas and make the bath of your dreams a reality, with the beautiful corner tub that makes the most of your bathing space. Your corner tub can be styled to stand alone or crafted as a drop in or undermounted tub. It can simply offer all the benefits of a soaker tub, or be designed to use as a shower, as well. Diamond Spas can create a modern look with a stainless steel corner tub that brings stunning style to your contemporary bathroom or bring out the warmth of your bathroom’s décor with timeless natural copper.

Taking advantage of the space saving feature of a corner tub means you’ll have more freedom of movement in your bathroom, making it feel spacious and comfortable. Turn that quiet alcove in your bathroom into the perfect private oasis with a corner tub from Diamond Spas. Enjoy the view from a corner window while you soak in luxurious comfort. Turn an awkward floor plan or limited space into the perfect spot for relaxing.


Corner tubs are the perfect solution for an oddly angled wall, or a bathroom that needs more available floor space. Stainless steel and copper are both excellent choices for your corner tub, both blending naturally with your choice of stone, wood, or tile. Call us today at (800) 951-7727

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