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By Cindy
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Now that Pinterest has become all the rage and we are not alone in our affections for the glorious museum of images that it is, we have found that thousands of others like us have found some great “pinners”! These image “pinners” have as many as 300,000 followers and their boards are now some of the top design boards on Pinterest that focus on what’s hot now in design.

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De Simone's pinboard on Pinterest.
Aaron De Simone’s pinboard has pins from sources all over the globe. Some amazing images showcasing homes that are traditional to the extremely modern and extremely cool. We have re-pinned De Simone’s pins of some fabulous
home spas and staircases.
Pinner: Aaron DeSimone’s
Followers: 306,277

Myan Duong’s board is ultra filled with pins that showcase everything that in cool and modern. From
luxury tubs with contemporary lines and the sleekest of
bathroom pedestal sinks, Smarchitecture is for the modernist who loves edgy design.

Pinner: Myan Duong
Followers: 282,049

Richard LaRue’s Design Thinking board has over 1,000 pins covering a large assortment of graphic design projects that are currently being marketed.

Dedicated to package design and advertising and branding, LaRue’s board is a marketers dream. Vintage is a favorite here bringing all that is old back to the forefront.

Pinner: Richard LaRue
Followers: 288,661

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