What To and Not To Do When Remodeling Kitchens & Baths

By Cindy
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Over the past few months we have posted a great deal about remodeling kitchens and baths. We have provided design tips, trends and inspirations, but we never discussed the process of remodeling. So we turned to a National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) article titled “Dos and Don’ts to Help Manage Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel” to help you during your home remodel projects.

1. DO Hire a professional– Kitchen and Bath remodels require electrical and plumbing work. A specialized designer can figure out logistics, suggest proper materials and make functional and cost efficient room that will also reflects your taste, style and personality. Do Not DIY!

2. DO think resale value – Many times homeowners like to have “unique” designs, but unique kitchens and baths don’t always help the resale value of your home. NKBA suggests sticking to the basics and putting thought into what others would like about your kitchen, as much as you. Someone else might own it one day and you’ll want to make sure you can recoup your investment.

3. DON’T Overspend! – Before ever starting the project, set a budget that includes room for additional changes. Think ahead of time and figure out what you want during the months leading up to the remodel. It’s always better to under budget than over.

For more tips visit the NKBA site.

Design: Tony Hunt, CKD, CBD Photo: Tim McClean

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Photo: NKBA

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