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Purcashing a custom pool or hot tub can leave the buyer asking themselves, ‘What the heck is a self priming pump or what do you mean by bather load?’ Here are the top terms when it comes to inground or above ground hot tubs and swimming pools and all the lingo in between.

Air Button

Air Buttons Topside spa controls used to turn on/off or activate jets and other spa features.

Access Panel removable panel that lies flush on the pool or spa outside skirt that allows access to all plumbing components.

Auto Cover motor operated pool and hot tub cover that can be opened and closed fully with a switch

Auto Fill A device that will maintain exact water levels on pools, spas and hot tubs.

Bather Load The number of individuals using a pool or spa in a 24 hour period. This load is the primary source of bacterial and organic contamination. The depth, surface area, and total volume of water are factors as well as the capacity of water purification apparatus such as filters, together with water treatment chemicals and sanitizers. For more on bather load click here.

Floating bubble blankets A blanket also known as a solar cover floats on the water’s surface and is meant to reduce heat, water & chemical consumption by reducing harmful evaporation.

Circuit Board The electronic brains of a spa, containing relays, contactors, and connecting to all other electrical components.

Filter A device that removes dissolved or suspended particles from water by recirculating the eager through a porous substance.

Foam Cover Foam core covers that fit over the opening of the hot tub.

Hydrogen Peroxide A compound of hydrogen and oxygen sometimes used as an oxidizer. In concentrated form is normally too dangerous for consumer use.

Hydrotherapy Jets Jet fittings in a spa which blend air with water to create a high-velocity, turbulent stream which is stimulating to the skin and body.

Self-Priming Pump automatically generates water flow after turning on, even if there are significant amounts of air in the system.

spa shell

Shell The inside portion of the hot tub where bathers sit.

Skimmer The skimmer is a basket, usually located above the filter.  Its purpose is to collect large debris and prevent it from reaching the filter. 

Skirt The outside portion of the hot tub that is seen above ground.

Suction The fitting, often near the skimmer, through which the water is drawn from the spa.

Test Strips Easy-to-use dip strips for measuring the pHtotal alkalinity and sanitizer levels of spa water. Strips are also available for testing water hardness levels.

Thermostat A device, either electronic or mechanical, which controls the operation of the heater by sensing water temperature.


Topside Controls A set of button or knob switches, either pneumatic or electronic, for controlling a spa’s pump, jets, heater, and other features.

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