What’s Trending in Swimming Pool Designs

By Cindy
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The 2016 Top trends in swimming pool designs is out and some surprising progressions popped up like that of cantilevered pools which looks like a pool hanging in mid air.

The designs of swimming pools have come a long way in the last 20 years but in some ways, homeowners still want a custom swimming pool that is functional but is easy to maintain and provides an entertainment component. As you will see from the top trend list, pool designs today are more remotely controlled and have a lot more bells and whistles to choose from. Here are the Top 5 trends in swimming pool designs.


Homeowners are a much more technolgy driven with all the latest and greatest gadgets so having the ability to control the temperture and run all the pool equipment from a smart phone or tablet from your vaction in Bali is important to today’s pool buyer.


The infinity edge pool has always been seen as “having it all”. Well in today’s market you can have the infinity edge, the Lautner Edge or a combo of them all. Adding an edge on your pool is super sleek and even though it has been around for a long time it is one of those options that still impresses everyone.


Modern and simplistic  is the name of the game for pool builders today. Homeowners are giving up on the curvy kidney style pool and keeping with the straight foward lines.


The cantilevered designed pool is one of the more recent additons to the trend list that is getting more noticed and we are starting to see more of in our residential markets. These pools are a super cool look and one that can’t be done by every pool builder since there must be major participation with structural engineers and architects alike. The design involves an elevated pool that is typically partially entended into the air with a “dangled onto the edge” look.


Sometimes you just don’t want to go fully in the water but you like to get your feet wet. The lounge ledge is for you. Sometimes referred to a sunning ledge or tanning ledge, the shallow deck allows for chairs, umbrellas or places to lounge and keep cool.

Want to see the other top 5 trends? Click here for the full 10 top swimming pool trends of 2016 from The Masters Pool Guild.

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