When Standard Sizes Don’t Cut It

By Cindy
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This generation is really buying into the Have it Your Way philosopy. We have come to not only appreciate the ability to buy custom products but are starting to demand it from the foods we order, the cases on our phones and the shoes on our feet. We think of this as a trend that is just starting to happen but if you talk to todays youth they have been doing it for years with Nike’s NikeiD custom shoe website ordering their personalized shoes getting every option from placing their names on their shoes down to the color of their laces.

Higher quality and having a one of a kind product are just a couple reasons why you should consider buying a custom spa. Here are a few more reasons to add to that list.


No Two People Are Alike. Let’s face it, all of us are built differently. Some are 6’5, while others are pushing 5″. A 5 ft bather and a 6’5 bather needs are different for their size alone. A lowered bench a higher seat, lower jets, reclined seats. Our custom hot tubs are meant to fit the bather, and the bathers needs. Sore hips and back? Lower the power jets in the hot tub so they hit you where you feel the pain. Would you rather have most of your body out of the water and just be able to have your legs in the water? We can add a cool down seat that has the custom seat sitting up high in the hot tub so the bather only gets their legs and feet in the water. Arthititis in the feet? Add massaging jets on the tub floor to hit those joints. Have the custom hot tub made for your needs.

Try to Fit a Square Peg into a Round Hole. You find that almost perfect item and its at a great price but when you get it home the size is not right, but still you try to make it work. Cramming into a space or worse yet it is too big for a space and you can’t even get it through the door (done that one too) Having a hot tub or soaking bath, custom made allows the architect dictate the exact size and shape without worring if the “standard size” and options will work.  If you are going to pay for a product, pay a bit more and get the product that fits you.

Be one of a Kind. When you buy custom you are having that product made explicity for you. To fit YOU. To fit YOUR Yard. To fit YOUR lifestyle. To fit YOUR bodytype. To fit YOUR style. We believe that things mean more when they are created especially for you and that, when it matters, you can and should have it made.

Better Quality = Better Value. There is a common belief that buying custom is out of their price range. At first glance the prices may seem higher on similiar products but when you buy custom, you can be assured you are buying a more quality, better made product. The very best craftsman are behind each of our products. Our design engineers and welders are highly trained and have years behind them of working on their craft. True custom products are never mass produced and each product has a artisan behind the scenes welding and polishing guaranteeing that the product will last for generations.

Endless Options. Custom doesn’t mean picking from a list of options. When we say choose your options, we mean tell us exactlly what you want out of your custom hot tub or luxury spa and letr us come up with some design ideas on how you can get the most out of your personalized tub so every time you use it, your happy with your decision to buy a custom product.

Thinking about buying a custom made pool, hot tub or tub? Let us qive you a free quote today!


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