Why Size Matters

By Cindy
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Purchasing a custom or bespoke anything can be a daunting task when you are having to make so many decisions. And that is no different when it comes to purchasing a Diamond Spas custom spa. There are many choices to choose from wheather it be for whirlpool jet placement, pump placement, seat arrrangements or the kind of hot tub cover that should be placed on the hot tub. 

One question that comes up frequently and in the beginning stages of the order process is how big of a stainless steel hot tub should I purchase? This will depend on, for the most part, how many bathers will be using the hot tub and how big the area is that the hot tub needs to be placed in. 

Diamond Spas has put together this diagram of different size hot tubs and the seating arrangements that can accompany each of these uniquely shaped custom spas. This can be a starting point to help you visualize how bathers can be arranged and the seating options available to you.

Are you ready for a new luxury hot tub? Call us today so we can start building your custom spa. 


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