Why Stainless Steel Swim Spas Are Sleek & Stylish

By Cindy
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When Vickie Lexom decided that it was time to remodel and redesign her master bath, she turned to Diamond Spas for a sleek stainless steel spa. In this article she describes why stainless steel is cut above the rest.

From the time it was developed, stainless steel has always been a unique material. Not only is it durable, but because of its ability to resist stains and rust, it always looks great, even after years of hard use. Even if it does somehow receive a visible scratch, with some steel wool and a little patience, that scratch can totally disappear. Stainless steel has been used in everything from home eating utensils to professional grade cutlery, and from automotive bodies to military grade ships. Stainless steel has long been known for its industrial uses, but now, because of the influence of the artistic community, that same cold, hard metal has become a smooth and soft stainless steel spa or hot tub.

Thanks to the influences of art and the desire to bring a new level of grace and beauty to the functionality of hot tubs, sinks and spas, artists have transformed these items into a totally new standard. No longer are we forced to subsist with fiberglass or gunnite pool forms to have grace and style in our relaxation areas only to have it ruined with that streaky plastic look. Stainless steel is now being used in the same ways with the same styles, but with that totally classic look.

Whether you choose to have a custom swim spa made from stainless in an outdoor scenario or an indoor standard form to add that extra function to a truly modern bathing area, the artistic style and grace that artists bring to stainless steel is an undeniable force. Form has melded smoothly with functionality to bring you a new level of satisfaction when it comes to custom swim spas, sinks and tubs.

Contact Diamond Spas if you’d like to learn more about adding a stainless steel sinks and tubs to your bathroom.

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