Winding Down Summer with a Swimming Pool Movie Theater

By Cindy
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With Labor Day upon us, that means two very sad things in my house..Back to School and the pool closing for the summer. With the holiday weekend coming, consider planning a swim-in-movie at your neighborhood pool or if you are lucky have it at your own luxury swimming pool.

Finding a screen is as easy as pinning a sheet up on the wall, renting one from your neighborhood AV rental store or like these folks turn on the automatic screen system and let the magic happen. Now sit back in your inflatable chaise lounge chair and enjoy the last movie of the the nice cool water.

Setting up a theater for a swimming pool can be quite easy as it really comes down to wall space. Having a large wall space without windows or other cumbersome objects is the most ideal to setup the screen, but as this creative homeowner shows, using open space between the columns works well too. Some companies rent and sell inflatable screens than can be set up directly in your custom swimming pool.

The more seating the better. Bench seating is set up here that surrounds the pool for those who don’t want to get wet, or those who want to have a break from the pool.

Whether the pool is indoors or out, a pool with a large screen will surely be a wow factor for the movie watchers and add that special fun for a movie party.

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