With Copper in High Demand, Recycling Delivers High Returns

By Cindy
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Copper is quickly becoming one of the most sought out metals because of its many uses in construction and development. From water pipelines, housing and buildings, electrical motors, power lines, environment related industries, communication devices, copper is essential in shaping future expansion.

China is currently the largest consumer of copper with Europe behind them. To meet the growing demand for copper, mining is necessary but the supply of recycled copper plays a vital part in the conservation of the finite supply of copper ore, reducing energy consumption and decreasing waste disposal, so conserving the environment.

Recycled copper helps to meet the growing demand for copper. Of all the copper needed across the world, 34% comes from recycling. In Europe, this figure is even higher (41%). This is an example of the sustainable nature of copper.

Copper products such as Diamond Spas copper luxury tubs and custom spas are hard wearing and last for a long time and will often still function long after they have been superseded by newer models.

At end of lifecycle copper spas, baths, and vessel sink shells themselves are 100% recyclable. Unlike many other engineered materials, stainless steel and copper are recycled without any degradation.

After the life of your Diamond Spas copper water vessel call your local copper recycle center and many centers will come to you to excavate the copper spa or sink and give you cash for your copper.


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