Worthy of Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog

By Cindy
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I noticed that Neimans Holiday Fantasy Gift Catalog is out for the new season. Looking through it I noticed that there was a Tom Burr table tennis-table that they are selling for a mere $45,000! Wow! What a table! It is a great looking table made out of rubber! It reminded me of a custom stainless steel ping pong table we made last year for one of our great clients. Diamond Spas is known for our custom fabricating of luxury soaking tubs , hot tubs and pools, but occasionally we get a unique request to do something besides our aquatic vessel line. We couldn’t resist this client’s request, and went to researching out the official sizes of standard table tennis tables. Our custom welders and fabricators had a great time building this table and of course they had to “test” it to make sure the balls bounced just right. The table was a huge success and quite a beauty!

Looking for a unique gift, call us!

Custom Stainless Steel Table Tennis Table

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