You Spoke, We Listened..It’s Here!

By Cindy
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We’ve heard from many of you asking, yes some pleading, that we get a standardized tub online that you can order and in days be on your front door step. We wrestled with the idea of it. Diamond Spas has always prided ourselves on being custom, and not the tub or spa that the “Jones'” have next door. We believe our products are a work of art; handmade and made to order! We don’t want to be the everyday tub that you can buy off the floor at your local home improvement store. Yet, we know that for some of our clients that they are under time constraints with their projects and would like a quicker turnaround time. We never compromise, but we have found a space where we can still build a handmade tub, yet standardize the line. The options are limited in that we can’t change the size of the specs, or give extra options other than drain placement, but you can still get a custom looking tub without the custom price. Look in our Online gallery for more details.

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