3 Ways to Create a Backyard Spa You’ll Fall In Love With

By Cindy
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Having a private spa in your own backyard means you can enjoy the benefits of soaking in a soothing, relaxing, bubbling outdoor hot tub any time you wish. For many, this represents one of life’s greatest pleasures. Coming home after a long day at the office, easing tired muscles after a workout at the gym, or relaxing with friends and family after a day of outdoor activities is a luxury you can indulge in at a moment’s notice when you have your very own backyard spa.  

Here are three ways to create a backyard spa you’ll love for years to come.

Accessorize. Your total spa experience is about more than just the water. Having accessories to enhance the experience helps make it more enjoyable and memorable. A few things to help make the most of your spa time are:

  • Have clean, fluffy towels or absorbent robes and slippers to slip on and wrap up in when you exit the water. To feel extra spoiled, pop your towels or robes in the dryer for a few minutes to warm them up. Keep a store of these items in your outdoor cabinet or storage area to keep them clean and readily available.
  • Ambient lighting in and/or around the spa area. Whether you use LED lighting, scented spa-side candles (or flameless, LED candles), or outdoor lanterns, a warm glow adds an enjoyable element to your experience.
  • Soothing music to relax by. Music can not only help you relax but is a good way to mask any traffic sounds or noisy neighbors.
  • Refreshing cool drinks to enjoy as you soak. It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re immersed in your spa, so be sure to keep some refreshing drinks nearby. For a healthy drink appropriate for all ages, simply add some freshly sliced citrus or cucumber to a pitcher of cold water.
  • Scented candles or essential oils in a diffuser. Aromatherapy is a great way to add another layer of enjoyment to your spa experience and relieve stress.


Create outdoor seating. Having a comfortable space to sit either before you take the plunge or after allows you to catch up with family or friends, relax with your favorite magazine or book, or enjoy some snacks. The seating doesn’t have to be elaborate; something as simple as a few pieces of favorite outdoor furniture, a hammock, or a pair of lounge chairs and you’ve got a comfortable place to make the transition from the hot tub. By presenting options for enjoying your outdoor space besides the hot tub, you’ll end up with a backyard spa area the whole family will love and enjoy.


Make it natural. If your available spa area is limited to a back yard deck or patio, you can bring in some natural elements to soften the space, offer privacy for bathers, and give the illusion of being surrounded by nature. This can be done fairly easily using a vine covered trellis or pergola, placing potted shrubs and trees around the perimeter of the spa area, or building a rock wall. Adding natural elements such as a waterfall, water spout feature, or fountain will also help add privacy to the area and provide sounds of nature that will enhance the feeling of being outdoors.

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