6 Outside Water Features to Consider Before Summer Starts

By Cindy
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There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting outdoors listening to the sound of bubbling water in an outdoor stream or experiencing the cascade of water from a natural waterfall. While you might not be able to step out your back door and enjoy a stream or waterfall, we can help you achieve the same experience with a custom made outside water feature from Diamond Spas. Outside water features help make time spent in your outdoor living space more relaxing and enjoyable.



With their natural beauty, calming aesthetic, and soothing sounds, water features add exponentially to the comfort and tranquility that can be yours to enjoy any time of day simply by stepping outside. From ponds to fountains, waterfalls to infinity tubs and pools, Diamond Spas crafts outstanding water features for our clients every day. If you’ve been considering adding an outside water feature to your home or business property, now is a great time to get it done. Here are six outdoor water features to consider before summer starts:


  1. From solar power to natural metals and stone, there are endless ways to design and craft a stunning fountain for your outdoor patio, deck, courtyard, or poolside. Working with one of our master craftsmen will allow you to design the fountain you’ve always imagined and bring it to life to enjoy as part of your landscape for years to come.
  2. Add a natural element to your outdoor spa with a spill over feature and create the look and sound of a naturally occurring waterfall in your own back yard. The soothing sound and captivating movement of a waterfall can easily be incorporated into the design of a custom made stainless steel spa from Diamond Spas.
  3. A tranquil pond in your outdoor space is an outside water feature everyone will enjoy. Whether gazing into the crystal clear water and enjoying the reflections, or listening to the gentle flow of water from a fountain in the center of the pond, your family and friends will enjoy this relaxing touch of nature.
  4. Summer time is fast approaching, and that means lots of outdoor activities. Why not add a pool to your back yard and bring the party home? Family and friends of all ages will love diving into a gorgeous stainless steel or stunning copper pool from Diamond Spas. Days of laughter, splashing and games, and nights of quiet relaxation are sure to surround your custom pool.
  5. Water jets. A popular outside water feature for many homeowners are poolside water jets. This fun water feature adds visual appeal as well as the tranquil sound of splashing water cascading from above into the water below. Add custom LED lighting for a pleasing visual display that will keep you entertained for hours.
  6. Hot tub. A natural complement to an outdoor pool or a private getaway spot just for you, a hot tub is always a good idea. This outside water feature offers a chance to get away without going any further than your own back yard. Relax alone for some quality “me time” or invite your significant other, family members or friends to join you in the therapeutic heated water of your custom designed hot tub from Diamond Spas.


Adding an outside water feature to your property not only increases the enjoyment of our outdoor living space, it can also increase your property value. Now is the perfect time to bring the benefits of water to your outdoor space with a custom water feature designed with you in mind. At Diamond Spas, we design and manufacture high end, elegant stainless steel and copper spas, pools, tubs, fountains, and other outside water features for our clients.


Give us a call today at (800) 951-7727 to see how Diamond Spas can help you create a custom outside water feature for your home’s outdoor living space. We can assist with the design as well as construction and manufacturing of an outside water feature that will blend with its surroundings and allow you to start enjoying the many benefits of having your own private oasis right at home.

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