Antimicrobial Copper is Finding its Way into Healthcare

By Cindy
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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has named Hospital Acquired Infections as a winnable battle. Now, more than ever, the healthcare industry needs proven solutions that can be designed into the hospital environment to combat infections and lower staggering treatment costs. Antimicrobial Copper surfaces have emerged as a viable, passive solution that continuously kill bacteria* and provide the missing link in current infection control practices. A growing number of high-end manufacturers are now launching diverse Antimicrobial Copper product lines, from door knobs, to I.V. poles. These products can fit the design needs of any facility while providing safer surfaces that work for you instead of against you. Join the movement and let Antimicrobial Copper help your facility improve patient care.

Hospitals and health care are the first to see the trend going towards copper, but there is also a trend going towards the hospitality industry as well. With hotel bath tubs, to the hot tubs in spas, we believe we will see more copper spas and copper bath tubs being manufactured for these industries that have a large population that frequent these facilities.

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