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Oprah mentioned last week on what of her last shows with Ralph Lauren, that one of her first indulgent purchases was really nice bath sheets from the iconic designer. If you watch Oprah enough, you know she loves a good soaking bath and she loves a good quality towel (in white)! Marina Ciprini of LA based Luxury Bathrooms says that displaying your towels adds a touch of hospitality to every bathroom.

Towels are essential in every bathroom, be it a luxury master suite with a custom bath, or your average bathroom with a standard tub. Displaying your towels don’t have to be mundane. Displaying your towels can be the finishing touches to your bathrooms design.

Most designers will tell you that they like to group towels into a collection to give the look of indulgence. Rolled and placed in a basket, folded neatly under the sink in open faced cabinetry, placed in a glass cased armoire, or stashed into a clever container, the way you display your towels works into the design. Abundant, fluffy towels give the look of sheer opulence. Here are some fantastic ideas that you can use in your bathroom that will make your bathroom go to drab to fab!

More and more bathroom furniture has this open shelving design to display towels and other toiletries.

This open faced towel closet is a beautiful way to display your towels. The look is clean.

Get a large over sized basket (preferably lined) and place your either rolled or folded towels into the container.

The ladder is a clever idea and adds an element of charm to the room.

White towels are easy to take care of and you never need to worry about mismatching.

Rolling the towels add a casual feel to the room. This nice built in storage space is perfect for towels.

The matching towels in this case tie the look together to bring a unified appeal.

Get creative when it comes to storing your towels. This great wooden crate works splendidly for a guest bathroom.

As seen in Better Homes and Gardens

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