Bathroom Sinks Have Come A Long Way In Styles

By Cindy
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Sinks have come along way in the last 50 years? I know at my grandma’s house she had this lovely wall sink that had separate hot and cold water dispensers. Trying to get warm water was…a challenge. Looking back at it now, there was character to it..Nostalgia and old world charm. We have come a long way.Purchasing a sink today, there is a lot more involved than just picking from a small selection of ceramic sinks. There are hundreds of lavatory styles to choose from. When deciding on which sink is best for you, there are 3 main things to consider: The style (Contemporary to Traditional ), the material ( stainless steel, ceramic, copper, glass etc), and the space of the bathroom.

Bathroom sinks today come in come in 7 different styles. The vanity, vessel, self rimming, pedestal, console, wall mount under mount.

The Vanity Top sink is a combination of countertop and sink basin combined into one streamlined unit. Having one unit to work with, the combination sink/counter tops are easy to install and easy to clean. Choices are more limited in vanity tops and if a a certain size is needed, customizing a sink/counter top is usually the only option. The advantage of the vanity sink is the counter space and hidden storage underneath.

Vanity Sink

The undermount sinks have made a comeback with the “Granite Craze” that hit many of us. The look of the undermount is streamlined and makes for easy cleanup. The sink is installed under the countertop and pressed up against the bottom of the counter surface. The sink is glued and caulked in place. The difference between an undermount and a top mount is that the undermount is installed below the counter top and the top mount is installed on the top of the counter. The main disadvantage with the under mount sink is that once you tire it, the counter top needs to be taken out as well.

Classic Undermount sink with Granite Counter

A Vessel Sink is a sink that sits on top of the counter space, almost giving the look of a bowl that was casually placed under a faucet to catch the water. Available in many different shapes styles and materials, this look is very modern and contemporary. Vessel Sinks are a popular choice with designers and architects as their are many styles and materials to choose from and they are easy to work into a design concept. The main materials vessel sinks are available in are Copper, Glass, Granite, Marble, Stone, and Wood.

Stainless Steel Vessel Sink

Self Rimming Sinks are sinks that sit on top of the counter and have a rolled or finished edge. This type of sink is easy to install and can easily be replaced without having to destroy the countertop in the meantime. There are many styles to choose from and look of the self rimmed sink is sleek.

Self Rimming Copper Sink

Pedestal sinks are freestanding sinks that are supported by an underlying pedestal. These sinks have an old decorative look to them, as all parts are exposed. When purchasing a pedestal sink it is important to consider that a compatible sink bowl must be purchased and there is no hidden storage areas.

Pedestal Sink

Console sinks, similar in look to the pedestal sink, provide a slight counter space and have decorative legs supporting it, unlike the pedestal. Plumbing is exposed and no hidden storage are the disadvantages.

Console Sink

Wall mount sinks are mounted directly to the wall. Wall mount sinks are great for cramped bathrooms as they can be mounted on a side wall or in the corner. Wall mounts have a old charm look to them. They allow for additional space underneath the basin bowl. The disadvantage of this style is the plumbing is exposed and there is no hidden storage.

Wall Mounted Sink


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