A Dream Boat’s Interior Masterpiece

By Krista Payne
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Thanks to SuperYacht Times, we can come aboard a super yacht and see how the these magnificent vessels are being designed on their interiors.

Super yachts that are being built today are using the very best of whats around. Here is a yacht that was designed by none other than Philippe Starck, one of the most well know designers in the industry today.  Motor yacht ‘A’ which is truly a designers paradise, comes complete with three pools and enough beds to to sleep 56.

Sophisticated bathrooms complete with  freestanding tubs, steam showers, and ornate woodwork is standard on these beauties! All decked out with a Custom Metal soaker!

The master bedroom is detailed with wall to wall mirrors and finished off with a custom stainless steel bedside spa.

The yacht has two large water areas on her main deck : a custom glass fronted swimming pool in front of the superstructure and a massive whirlpool of the superstructure.

4 Responses to “A Dream Boat’s Interior Masterpiece”

  1. Boat Wax

    This yacht is beautiful. It’s absolutely blowing my mind. But I’m assuming it works out better for luxury cruises instead of private owners, because WOW! The upkeep for that thing must be … well… crazy!

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    While it is highly recommended that you leave electrical modifications and rewiring to an experienced marine electrician, you can take part in your boat fitouts and modifications. Make a list of additions, modifications, and parts or supplies needed for remodelling your boat’s interior and exterior. Painting and trimming the hull and the interiors are usually part of the work, so include appropriate equipment in your list, such as grinding and sandblasting equipment, spray paint machines and airbrushes, and boat paints and coats. You can choose from all kinds of hull, sail, and interior designs being offered by most yacht supply shops. It usually takes a team to remodel a boat, so it is best that you include professional marine electricians, decorators, and builders when applying modifications on your boat.

  3. marine paneling

    Awesome! This is a perfect masterpiece that would really make people be mesmerized on its beauty. There is unity and balance on all the materials used to build it from the exterior to the interior features.


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