Diamond Spas Artisan Bath Tub Most Opulent

By Cindy
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Diamond Spas has been fortunate to work on some lavish projects over our tenure in the business. From artisan baths at the Trump Towers, to luxury hot tubs aboard famous yachts. One of the most lavish tubs that Diamond Spas has built is the stainless steel Oasis Bath Tub.

The Oasis is a sophisticated tub that combines the choicest of mahogany woods and stainless steel to make for a beautiful rendition of our Japanese Soaking Tub.Splitting the layers of mahogany front and center allows for the stainless steel overflow panel. Constructed with benches for two and a deep bathing well, the Oasis allows for deep chest level soaking.

The Oasis comes in Copper and Stainless steel. The stainless steel Oasis starts at $17, 800.


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