Don’t Skimp on Custom Spa Covers

By Cindy
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Automatic Custom spa cover

One of the most important accessories to purchase after buying that luxury hot tub is a custom spa cover. The foam insulated vinyl coated cover is a necessity for a few reasons. First, a well fitting cover that is made to fit your hot tub will keep the heat in the hot tub and not escaping saving you up to thousands a year in energy costs. Next, a tight fitted cover should prevent water evaporation. The more the water in your hot tub is exposed to the elements, the more likely that the water will evaporate at a quicker pace. Lastly, and we think most importantly having a cover is a safety issue. In the USA alone, 9 children drown each day. Having a cover prevents children and animals from accidental drownings.

Check out the colors of the
Automatic Spa Covers.

Automatic Spa Covers are extremely cool and convenient. I love a hot tub, but I hate being wet and having to put back on the cover-especially when the weather is a frigid 20 degrees outside. With a push of a button the automatic Spa Cover rolls in and out! Love It!

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