Heat Up Your Outdoor Spa With these Custom Water Feature Ideas

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Add a splash of interest to your yard 

If you’re looking to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space, follow one of today’s hottest trends in landscaping design. Add a luxury water feature to bring visual interest and soothing sound to any area of your yard or patio. A gorgeous water feature invites people to linger in the garden and enjoy the peace and tranquility of their natural surroundings.


Copper and stainless-steel water features blend harmoniously with the natural elements in your landscaping. Since metal is so malleable, we can design a water feature that will perfectly suit the aesthetic of your yard. Whether you want big and bold or small and understated, a custom-designed water feature will suit your desires.

Spas and water features are meant for each other

Unlike commercially-made spas from the big box stores, our custom spas allow for the addition of equally custom water features. Make your spa even more luxurious and relaxing with the soothing sounds of gently flowing, splashing, or bubbling water. Combining a metal water feature with light can enhance your spa experience even more because of the vibrancy it brings.


Even without extra lighting, the reflective qualities of water combined with our gorgeous metal spas will add glimmering interest to your next spa experience. Our spas are available in sleek stainless steel or warm, rich copper. Either one looks great on its own but just imagine how much more elegant they will look when they’re accented with a stunning custom metal water feature!

Custom design your own exquisite water feature

At Diamond Spas, we have a skilled team of designers, engineers, and expert craftsmen who will work together with you to create the perfect water feature for your space. Besides gardens and spas, we can design a distinctive water feature for your hot tub, bath, or swimming pool. Or choose a custom fountain as the perfect finishing touch to any of your home’s living spaces – inside or out.


We’re happy to answer any of your questions and provide a quote. Contact us today and allow us to create a spectacular liquid focal point for your home or business!


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