Is a Japanese Soaking Tub Better than a Regular Tub? What You Should Know

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If you’re thinking about creating a unique bathroom space to rest and relax after a long day, you may want to consider installing a Japanese soaking tub into your bathroom. These unique tubs have been used in Japan for centuries and offer a number of unique benefits compared to regular tubs.

What Is a Japanese Soaking Tub?

A Japanese soaking tub, also called an “ofuro,” is a tub that is traditionally meant to be used exclusively for soaking, not for bathing. You will shower before you enter the tub, or scoop water out from the tub to bathe yourself with soap or shampoo before entering the tub to rest and relax.

For this reason, Japanese soaking tubs are usually integrated into a shower-like, waterproof area with a drain, allowing you to wash, rinse, and then soak in the same place without worrying about splashing water. However, they can also be used as standalone units similar to a American style bathtub.

The Benefits of a Japanese Soaking Tub

There are a few reasons to choose a Japanese soaking tub instead of a standard tub in your bathroom.

  • Soak more deeply in the tub – Japanese soaking tubs usually come up to your shoulders, which means it’s easier to soak your entire body in the tub at once compared to shallow Western-style tubs.
  • Keeps water warmer longer – A deeper tub means less surface area, so the water cools down more slowly and lets you relax for a longer period of time without adding more hot water.
  • Save space in your bathroom – Japanese soaking tubs can fit into small spaces that may not accommodate a standard-sized tub, providing you with more flexibility when renovating your bathroom.

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