Jazzing Up a San Francisco Pad with an Outdoor Spa

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Our team at Diamond Spas recently had the pleasure of collaborating on a one-of-a-kind project for a homeowner in San Francisco. We designed and constructed a luxurious stainless steel spa for one of many beautiful outdoor spaces. The spacious, square shape of the spa is accented by wide-plank wooden decking and lush landscaping on one of the multi-level terraced outdoor spaces. Each terrace has a featured attraction: an outdoor kitchen and fire pit, an impressive art piece, or a small contemplative room with an oculus. We are honored that one terrace was reserved for one of our custom stainless-steel spas. The overall effect is stunning — what a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the exceptional views!

The sleek, contemporary look of the spa suits the colorfully modern and artsy aesthetic of the home perfectly. While this homeowner chose a square stainless steel spa for his stylish San Francisco home, we can create spas to fit any space. We also craft gorgeous copper spas, if that is more to your taste.

Creating a Custom Spa You’ll Love

At Diamond Spas, we design and fabricate each custom spa to suit you and your specific desires. Our designers will work with you to create a design that fits your space and design goals. Then, our engineering department will draw up plans for your approval. After that, our experienced manufacturing department will get to work turning those plans into a luxurious reality. One of our customer service representatives will assist you throughout the entire journey from dream to actuality.

Our stainless steel and copper spas are ideal for locations where weight is a concern, since they weigh considerably less than most other high-end spa materials. This reduces the need for expensive structural engineering. Whether your goal is to install an urban rooftop spa or add an impressive spa to your home in the countryside, our custom stainless-steel and copper spas are the perfect solution. Contact us today to start the design process.

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