Taking your Custom Shower Lying Down

By Cindy
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A new custom shower system has just hit the US marketplace..A horizontal shower by Dornbracht. It does seem relaxing with its heated platform ledge where you lie down and get sprayed down by 6 streams of rainfall spouts. I can see it now. Wake up and get in the shower and take another snooze for 20, or for those mornings when you had one too many the night before. I would TOTALLY use this! Relaxing for sure. Now for the hard questions. How to wash your hair and shave your legs? Perhaps this is not that kind of shower. I am thinking This shower is going towards the spa like atmosphere to get your “OM” on. The shower system, which ranges in price from $44,000 to $50,000 incorporates a programmable feature that lets the bather adjust the heat of the water and the power of the stream is meant for high end bathrooms. Not your typical shower but this one you can take lying down.

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