Using a Cold Plunge Pool to Speed Up Recovery Time

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Jumping into a cold plunge pool after a workout sounds wonderfully refreshing but did you know that it has many beneficial aspects, too?

Taking a cold-water plunge can effectively relieve muscle soreness and that lingering ache that sometimes follows a hard workout. It can also help speed up your recovery time if you’re suffering the painful after-effects of an accident or other injury. Cold-water therapy has been used for years by everyone from elite athletes to ordinary hardworking people for its ability to help them recover faster.

As shown by a study published in the National Library of Medicine, whole-body cold water therapy can also enhance your mood and improve your sense of well-being. The worse you feel before taking the plunge, the better you’ll feel afterward!

Experience the Full-Body Effects of a Cold Tub and Spa

Ice packs are great for aching wrists or swollen ankles. After all, that’s why so many doctors, physical therapists, and sports trainers recommend them! However, they can be difficult to position just right, are often uncomfortable, and sometimes messy. Why not sit in a comfortably cold plunge pool, instead?

A plunge pool lets you submerge your whole body in the cold water and soak up full-body benefits. A body part that’s screaming in pain can often overshadow other, equally overused muscles that are quietly whimpering for relief. A cold plunge pool lets you offer your whole body the relief it needs. A scientific study has shown that spending between 11 and 15 minutes in a cold water pool (approximately 52 to 59 °F) produces optimal results.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an elite runner, cold-water immersion can help you recover faster from the inflammation and sore muscles that are often the result of an especially hard work out. They’re especially helpful if you’re an occasional runner, amateur athlete, or just an active person with a busy lifestyle.

Muscles that aren’t used to working so hard will quickly let you know that they’re feeling outraged. Offering them a cold-water plunge will quickly soothe those outraged feelings and the swelling and inflammation that often accompany them. Following up your plunge into cold water with a soothing warm shower will help you fully relax after exertion.

Designing Your Custom Cold Plunge Pool or Spa

At Diamond Spas, we’ll work with you to design a custom cold plunge pool, cold tub, or spa that fits your needs, your design aesthetic, and the space you have available. One of our representatives will guide you throughout the design, approval, and fabrication process. Then we’ll arrange for delivery of your custom cold plunge pool or cold spa.

All of our custom products receive the same careful attention to detail, professional engineering, expert fabrication, and hand buffed finish that they deserve as unique pieces of luxuriously functional art. You can rest assured that your custom fabricated metal cold plunge pool will look fantastic in whatever space it’s in! Contact us for more information or to discuss your cold therapy needs.

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