Water Features to Enhance Your Home and Health

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Waterfalls, water fountains, water sprouts, and other water features add more than just fun recreational and entertaining opportunities to your home – custom water features enhance your home. Typically, a water feature like this will boost a home’s value by anywhere from five to 10 percent, but there’s no telling how high your return on investment can be if you get a high-quality water feature with a nice design aesthetic installed. On top of that, water features like these can add to the ambiance of a space, lower noise pollution, and soothe the soul.


Waterfalls are one of the most popular water features you can add to enhance your home, and for good reason – they’re calming, gorgeous, relaxing, and can even promote cleaner water. The sound of running water is naturally soothing to humans, and it’s a phenomenon that’s been observed by various cultures throughout history. Additionally, there have been many psychological studies over the years that have suggested the sound of running water has a positive, calming effect on our minds. It’s because of this calming effect that waterfalls as water features provide some of the best health benefits, including stress relief, anxiety relief, increased concentration, better sleep, and just generally better moods. The health benefits of water features like a waterfall aren’t reserved to just relaxation. The beauty of waterfalls also can’t be beat. There’s many different design aesthetics, but regardless of if you go for an industrial look with concrete and metal to match the modern design of your home or a more natural, rustic look with plenty of rocks, your waterfall blends into the natural environment. Adding a water fall as a water feature to enhance you home comes with many other benefits.

Water fountains

Throughout history, water fountains have been a symbol of elegance and that hasn’t changed to this day. In addition to the elegance a water fountain as a water feature can enhance your home, they’ll also increase curb appeal, make your home more inviting, and help cancel out traffic noise if you live close to a busy road. Like waterfalls, water fountains come with the typical relaxing health benefits of water features. In addition to noise cancellation, the sounds from the flowing water will promote relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety, and give you better sleep and concentration. The soothing running water will turn any place into an oasis! There’s also a variety of design options, so no matter a space’s style, there are several different types of waterfalls that’ll fit right in.


Although they’re less noticeable than most other water features, waterspouts still have a variety of benefits. Like waterfalls and fountains, the flowing water from waterspouts mean they have many of the usual relaxing health benefits of water features like stress and anxiety relief, better sleep and concentration, and an overall mood boost. They won’t be a huge focal point like water falls and fountains, and they’re typically added in addition to these larger water features, but waterspouts can still add to the beauty and design aesthetic of a space. There’s also a wide variety of different designs, so you can turn them into an art piece in addition to a water feature to enhance your home.

Whether you’ve just been inspired to add a water feature to enhance your home or have been dreaming of one for a while, Diamond Spas can turn your vision into a beautiful reality! We’ve been creating custom water features like these for years, so no matter your space or design aesthetic, we guarantee that we’ll deliver something that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today when you’re ready to take the next step to get your ideal pool!

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Diamond Spas Water Features to enhance your health

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