What Makes a Great Pool Design?

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There are many great pool designs ranging from traditional, modern, freeform, geometric, and endless others. So, what makes a great pool design? The answer – it’s up to you! Depending on the space available as well as the intended use of your pool, what makes it great is going to vary. Everyone’s perfect pool will look different, but it’s best to think of your budget and start thinking of some possible layouts and design details. Below are our tips for finding what makes a great pool design.


What is your pool going to be used for? Will your pool be used for relaxation, entertaining, family fun, or something else? This is one of the essential parts of figuring out what will make a great pool design. Once you know the purpose of your pool, you can decide on a design that will allow you to swim laps, take therapeutic cold plunges, soak in peace, or a mix of purposes.

Pool Features

Some of the best parts of a pool are sometimes not even inside of the pool! You might include a firepit, outdoor kitchen, tanning deck, waterfall, or something else that makes your pool that much more enjoyable to use. Even if you aren’t going to install these in your initial design, it is good to keep these in mind, so you leave room for them later on.


Practicality is one of the most important parts of a great pool design. Will your pool have the privacy you need? Will it be easy to move between the pool and the house? Where will equipment and cleaning materials be stored? It will be important to consider things like this in your initial design so you can ensure they are addressed by your professional designer when construction begins. Practicality is an essential component of a well-designed pool because after all, you want a pool that will be easy to enjoy every day!


Are you planning on incorporating your existing landscaping when installing your pool, or are you looking to start fresh? Creative landscaping can transform your pool from good to great, and it is worthwhile to think of what you will incorporate in your initial design.

Now that you know what makes a great pool design, are you ready to install the pool of your dreams? Get a free quote from Diamond Spas or call at (720) 864-9115.


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