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Acrylic Pool Walls and Windows

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Acrylic Pool Walls

The luxury pool industry is always finding creative new ways to set their pool apart from eye-catching features like elegant waterfalls, unique lighting, prominent rock features, and one of our favorites, acrylic pool walls. Acrylic pool walls help create depth to your design add a dramatic effect to even the simplest designs. They are best utilized when placed towards the […]

What Makes a Great Pool Design?

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What Makes a Great Pool Design

There are many great pool designs ranging from traditional, modern, freeform, geometric, and endless others. So, what makes a great pool design? The answer – it’s up to you! Depending on the space available as well as the intended use of your pool, what makes it great is going to vary. Everyone’s perfect pool will look different, but it’s best […]

A Guide to Swimming Pool Designs

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Ready to add a luxury pool to your home? Pools are a great way to get outside and enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest potential. The idea of building the perfect swimming pool design can seem daunting, but the team at Diamond Spas is here to help. Check out our Guide to Swimming Pool Designs below, and let us […]

Sustainability in Luxury Spas

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A luxury spa experience is more than just an escape from the stresses of everyday life. It should provide an opportunity to relax, unwind, and restore your well-being, allowing for self-renewal. Today it is becoming more and more important for luxury spas to find ways to become sustainable. Sustainability is good for you and the environment. As more and more […]

Pool House: Is it Worth it?

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Thinking about getting a unique pool house design for your luxury pool? Pool houses offer homeowners the chance to extend the comforts of their home and bring them poolside. Pool houses are no longer just a shaded spot near your pool to store supplies. Designers use pool houses to create an oasis that enhances their accompanying luxury pool, and you […]