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The Best of Pool and a Hot Tub in One: Soak Tub

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What is a Soaking Tub? A soaking tub is a tub that aims to make it intentionally comfortable to sit for a longer amount of time in the hot water and enjoy the comfort and ease that comes from a bath. These tubs are deep enough to submerge most of one’s body in the water, as opposed to traditional tubs […]

Check out Diamond Spas on TV!

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Do you love amazing HGTV specials that showcase beautiful homes around the country? What about the exciting show “Best. Pool. Ever.”? We have exciting news for you! Check out the “Party Pools” episode to get an exciting surprise: Diamond Spas’ own spa makes an appearance! This amazing show focuses on an entire episode of pools that work well for entertaining, […]

Diamond Spas’ Outdoor Inspiration: Outdoor Bathtubs to Warm You Up This Fall

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Relaxing in a deep soaking tub while fluffy snowflakes swirl around you, sizzling gently as they hit the hot water… Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? Perhaps that’s why so many people are considering adding a luxurious custom outdoor bath to their home this year. Think of an elegant outdoor bath as a functional piece of garden art to enjoy year-round. Custom […]

Heat Up Your Outdoor Spa With these Custom Water Feature Ideas

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Add a splash of interest to your yard  If you’re looking to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space, follow one of today’s hottest trends in landscaping design. Add a luxury water feature to bring visual interest and soothing sound to any area of your yard or patio. A gorgeous water feature invites people to linger in the […]

Soaking Up the Summer in These Outdoor Baths

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Do your lazy days of summer include relaxing in a secluded outdoor tub surrounded by flowers, shaded by trees, and serenaded by songbirds? If not, it may be time to treat yourself to a custom outdoor tub. Luxurious spa-like outdoor tub enclosures have become very popular in the last few years. Experience the healing powers of nature while enjoying your […]