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Types of Inground Swimming Pools

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There’s nothing better than relaxing by a swimming pool on long, hot summer days. That is, unless the pool you’re relaxing by is your own inground swimming pool in your own backyard! If you’ve always dreamed about being the proud owner of a luxury swimming pool type, our expert team at Diamond Spas can help design and fabricate a custom […]

Updating Your Outdoor Living Areas

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Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying your mornings, afternoons, or evenings in an appealing outdoor living space. A well-maintained backyard can create a suitable environment for memory improvement, de-stressing, and conquering fatigue. Fortunately, you can enhance your outdoor living space affordably and quickly with outdoor living area ideas from Diamond Spas. This article will focus on some of the best […]

Plunge Pools and Everything You Need to know

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Custom Copper Cold therapy pool

If you have always dreamed about owning a swimming pool in your backyard but have limited space, a plunge pool may be ideal for you. A plunge pool can come in handy in areas where having a conventional swimming pool is not an option. This post will provide an overview of plunge pools to help you decide whether you can […]

Freeform Pool Designs

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Pools aren’t just rectangular holes in the ground, and there are a wide variety of freeform pool designs that are a total departure from the traditional shapes and designs most people associate with them. In fact, it might be an understatement to describe some of these designs as simply pools, with terms like lagoon, oasis, grotto, or spa being more […]

Acrylic Pool Walls and Windows

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Acrylic Pool Walls

The luxury pool industry is always finding creative new ways to set their pool apart from eye-catching features like elegant waterfalls, unique lighting, prominent rock features, and one of our favorites, acrylic pool walls. Acrylic pool walls help create depth to your design add a dramatic effect to even the simplest designs. They are best utilized when placed towards the […]