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Diamond Spas Announces New Line Of Stocked Spas

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Diamond Spas will be celebrating 22 years in business this summer. Over these years, we have been so honored to have custom designed hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pools to clients all over the world. As our business has increased and our name has become more well known in the industry, we have been busy. And our business has […]

Three Custom Hot Tub Features You’re Sure to Love

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When designing a custom hot tub,  the features you add can bring elegance, style, and beauty to any indoor or outdoor space. Using natural, durable, functional materials such as copper and stainless steel, our team of talented designers and skilled master craftsmen can fabricate a custom spa, bathtub, sink, pool, or water feature that will exponentially enhance your indoor or […]

Cold Spa Therapy: Does it really work?

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  Hydrotherapy, the use of water in different forms and temperatures for various health treatments, is probably as old as time. In the field of natural medicine, hydrotherapy is one of the basic and most widely used methods of treatment. Also known as water therapy, aquatic therapy, pool therapy, and balneotherapy, cold spa therapy has multiple benefits for the mind […]

Four Swimming Pool Water Features You Need for Summer

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If you’re looking for a swimming pool you can enjoy now and for years to come, with water features and designer touches that reflect your personal style, Diamond Spas can design and fabricate a custom pool that complements your outdoor living space. Whether your pool will be part of an outdoor deck, a back yard, a courtyard, or a rooftop, […]

Four Hydrotherapy Spa Benefits

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  Life today is stressful, no matter where you live or whether you are a student, parent, work from home or go to an office every day. Even retired people can have stressful days. Stress does not discriminate according to age, occupation, social status, or annual income. Everyone from the youngest member of the family to the eldest has some […]