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How to Incorporate Modern Water Features in Your Home

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Luxury home amenities are no longer reserved only for super wealthy industry moguls. Today, architectural design service providers are responding to an increasing demand for unique luxury elements.  Homeowners are looking to create bespoke living spaces that are a sanctuary of comfort, elegance, and entertainment. Both indoors and outside, homeowners are investing in modern water features designed to add a sense […]

How to Choose an Outdoor Bathtub for Your Home

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If the idea of an outdoor bathtub appeals to you, there are a few things you should consider before running out and purchasing a tub and the hardware that goes along with it, especially if you plan to build any kind of covering or surrounding structure to enclose your outdoor tub. Check with city hall. Before installing an outdoor bathtub, […]

Three Outdoor Bathtub Ideas for Your Home

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Outdoor showers have been popular for quite a while, but most are about function, there to assist with washing off chlorine from an outdoor pool, or dirt and grass from the trek back to the house from a pool or hot tub. Open-air tubs, however, are pure luxury. Outdoor bathtubs are for relaxation, offering home owners a chance to escape […]

5 Places to Install Your Bath Tub Faucets

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Today’s bath fillers aren’t the standard faucets from our parents days. Today’s modern tub fillers are coming in every shape, size and material and gettting mounted on every surface to give the bathroom design an overall updated look. Tub fillers can be found in floor mounts, wall mounts, deck mounts, or tub mounts.  We’ll explain all the mounts and what type of luxury tubs they work well with. Floor […]

How to Decide on a Spa Bathroom Design That is Best for Your Home

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  If you are building or remodeling a home, you are probably designing or redesigning one or more bathrooms. When designing a bathroom, the key is to look beyond the bathing space. Does the style and color scheme of the spa bathroom design you’re considering blend with the rest of the house? It doesn’t have to match exactly, but it […]