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Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Spa in the Summer

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An outdoor hot tub can be the perfect addition to your outdoor living space, and one that gets a lot of use on cold winter nights. But while an outdoor spa can provide solace when you’re looking to warm yourself up, they’re a great place to take a soothing break on cool summer nights or rainy days as well. The […]

Using a Cold Plunge Pool to Speed Up Recovery Time

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Jumping into a cold plunge pool after a workout sounds wonderfully refreshing but did you know that it has many beneficial aspects, too? Taking a cold-water plunge can effectively relieve muscle soreness and that lingering ache that sometimes follows a hard workout. It can also help speed up your recovery time if you’re suffering the painful after-effects of an accident […]

Make Your Home Your Own Oasis

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Coronavirus has completely changed how we view public spaces. It’s no longer a given that we can picnic in the park, hang out at the neighborhood pool, or even enjoy a stroll downtown. After months of quarantines, shutdowns, and social distancing rules, things are far from normal. Even with restrictions slowly being lifted, it’s hard to envision a world in […]

Jazzing Up a San Francisco Pad with an Outdoor Spa

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Our team at Diamond Spas recently had the pleasure of collaborating on a one-of-a-kind project for a homeowner in San Francisco. We designed and constructed a luxurious stainless steel spa for one of many beautiful outdoor spaces. The spacious, square shape of the spa is accented by wide-plank wooden decking and lush landscaping on one of the multi-level terraced outdoor […]

Luxurious Hot Tubs for Small, Urban Spaces

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Just because you live in a small urban space, doesn’t mean you have to give up the soothing tranquility of a hot tub. You can bask in the urban ambiance that you love and still enjoy a relaxing soak in your own private spa. The secret lies in choosing a custom hot tub or spa that fits the space you […]