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A Growing Market for Aquatic Health Benefits

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An ever-expanding obesity epidemic, coupled with an aging baby boomer generation complete with discretionary income, offers a perfect opportunity for pool and spa professionals to emphasize the health benefits of aquatic exercise. Water-based fitness is a great alternative for those who need to ease into a fitness routine. Those with aging joints, in particular, find the buoyancy and gentle resistance of […]

Expert Opinion: Charlie Snider for Landscape Radio

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Founded by Stephanie and Tom Bennett, Diamond Spas – located in Frederick, Colorado – began with a unique idea: design and build a specialized bathtub for Stephanie that would mimic the comfort of her beloved grandfather’s favorite recliner. From those humble beginnings, Diamond Spas has grown to become a provider of: Luxury stainless steel and copper spas Swimming pools Glass-wall pools […]

Tips for Working with a Designer on Your Next Project for your Home

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When you want to integrate a new element of your home, from a kitchen remodel to a luxury spa addition, it is best to work with an interior designer. Their background and knowledge of home trends will ensure that the results will be both pleasing to you and harmonious with the overall style of your home. This is key for […]

The Best of Pool and a Hot Tub in One: Soak Tub

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What is a Soaking Tub? A soaking tub is a tub that aims to make it intentionally comfortable to sit for a longer amount of time in the hot water and enjoy the comfort and ease that comes from a bath. These tubs are deep enough to submerge most of one’s body in the water, as opposed to traditional tubs […]

Check out Diamond Spas on TV!

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Do you love amazing HGTV specials that showcase beautiful homes around the country? What about the exciting show “Best. Pool. Ever.”? We have exciting news for you! Check out the “Party Pools” episode to get an exciting surprise: Diamond Spas’ own spa makes an appearance! This amazing show focuses on an entire episode of pools that work well for entertaining, […]