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Stressed? These Hydrotherapy Techniques Can Help!

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According to the American Psychological Association, stress in America is up, and it’s not just adults who are feeling it. Children can experience stress just as much as adults do, and chronic stress (the kind that interferes with your ability to function normally over a long period of time) is fast becoming a public health crisis in America. Children may […]

Custom Hot Tub, Swimming Pool, or Both? How to Decide

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Do you have an outdoor space you love to spend time in, but feel as if something is missing? If  you enjoy luxury, you need to invest in your happiness with a custom hot tub or custom swimming pool from Diamond Spas. Swimming pools and hot tubs are both ideal ways to get the maximum level of enjoyment from your […]

3 Ways to Incorporate Your Japanese Soaking Tub in Your Daily Routine

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For the Zen enthusiast, a Japanese soaking tub or “Ofuro” is a small, deep bath that offers bathers a new and unique bathing experience. Diamond Spas is proud to offer Japanese soaking tubs with a bench seat for your relaxation and bathing comfort. An Ofuro (which means “bath’ in Japanese) provides everyone in your household the opportunity to experience the […]