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Make Your Home Your Own Oasis

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Coronavirus has completely changed how we view public spaces. It’s no longer a given that we can picnic in the park, hang out at the neighborhood pool, or even enjoy a stroll downtown. After months of quarantines, shutdowns, and social distancing rules, things are far from normal. Even with restrictions slowly being lifted, it’s hard to envision a world in […]

Jazzing Up a San Francisco Pad with an Outdoor Spa

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Our team at Diamond Spas recently had the pleasure of collaborating on a one-of-a-kind project for a homeowner in San Francisco. We designed and constructed a luxurious stainless steel spa for one of many beautiful outdoor spaces. The spacious, square shape of the spa is accented by wide-plank wooden decking and lush landscaping on one of the multi-level terraced outdoor […]

Luxurious Hot Tubs for Small, Urban Spaces

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Just because you live in a small urban space, doesn’t mean you have to give up the soothing tranquility of a hot tub. You can bask in the urban ambiance that you love and still enjoy a relaxing soak in your own private spa. The secret lies in choosing a custom hot tub or spa that fits the space you […]

A Pool and Spa Combo Achieves the Best of Both Worlds

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The Ultimate Pool with a Mountain View Vail Valley Home recently featured a stunning photo on the front cover of their Real Estate & Mountain Lifestyles magazine. The reader’s attention was immediately drawn to the custom glass wall pool running the length of the extensive patio, designed by Diamond Spas. The long, sleek design of the pool perfectly reflected the […]

Trending: Luxury Outdoor Showers

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Transform an Ordinary Shower Into the Extraordinary The outdoor living trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, luxury amenities like outdoor showers are trending now more than ever. These custom outdoor features allow homeowners to enjoy all of the luxuries of an indoor shower – outside. Whether you prefer basking in the sunshine or enjoying a hot shower […]